We are a company based in the West Midlands specialising in the repairs of electric vehicles used within the materials handling industry.  Our services include repairs for the various types of control systems used in a range of electric vehicles.  This includes the repairs of the latest AC control systems along with a wide variety of DC controllers, for example Jungheinrich AS4814  AC Controllers, Jungheinrich Mikropulse Controllers used on the ETVQ allway range, General Electric separately excited controllers or the previous EV100 control systems, whatever the controller we at elektrodrive will provide you with a quick repair service to get you moving again.

If you have had a quote and have been told that your truck is beyond repair or the bill for the repair seems sky high, then give us a call and get a professional second opinion.  It is our experience that in many cases in the process of repairing electric vehicles, engineers use a method known as process of elimination, which means to change the parts until they get it right.  The downfall with this method is that, you end up paying for parts that you never required to begin with.

Also we have found that parts are replaced without identifying the cause of the failure to begin with and within days if not immediately the new part fails again, and you find yourself paying for it again.
We on the other hand strive hard to get it right first time round and attempt to identify the root cause of the problem before replacing parts, so it may take that bit longer in some cases but you can be rest assured for reliability and that extra peace of mind.

It may help speed things up when contacting us with a problem, to provide us with information regarding the electric vehicle e.g. the make and model and symptoms.

Our technician will attempt to carry out all repairs onsite, however sometimes there may be a need to remove the controller and return it to the workshop due to the nature of the repair involved. In most cases our technician may carry service exchange units, which will allow him to return your vehicle back to operational status quickly, saving both time and money.

Contact us to see if we can undertake a specific controller repair for you,  whether it be  off an electric counter balance an electric reach truck, and electric pedestrian powered pallet truck or any other type of electric vehicle used in the materials handling industry we will have it covered.